The Sacred Hearth – Offering life coaching for real people during tough times.

Welcome to the Sacred Hearth.

Offering life coaching for real people during tough times.

Uncover a long buried hope.
Define your goals.
Manifest your D.R.E.A.M.
Celebrate your success.
Take the risk.
You’re worth it.

When you decide to change your life it can feel overwhelming. “Where do I begin?” is a question I hear over and over from clients. Life coaching at the Sacred Hearth can help with that.

Here you can restore your body, expand your mind, and rejuvenate your soul with a variety of resources.

Unsure about what to do with your life?
No idea where to turn?
Do you feel stuck in a rut and like you’re going nowhere fast?
Coaching is the answer.

With coaching you have a

Goal attainment & accountability partner

Who will help you

Set realistic short & long term goals

You will

Make long lasting changes

You will

Finally feel like you’ve made it

You will

Find your success

What clients are saying…

“Andrea is the real deal! Working with her has changed my life. Her advice and techniques helped me turn my life around.”

— Dave

“A wonderful talented person who truly wants to help people. I never felt judged or felt insignificant. I honestly felt when speaking to Andrea it was the equivalent of getting a big hug. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ will always recommend”

— Kayla

“You have 2 choices. Stay and struggle where you are at, or, accept the hand that is reaching out to help you be a better “you”. You help by allowing each person the opportunity to self-reflect, determine what they want the final destination to be, and then assist in getting there. You help us to embrace our positives and redirect our negatives. You do this in an honest, no nonsense way, that leaves us feeling validated and stronger.”

— Dusty

What are you waiting for?

Book your call with an award winning, best selling author who is committed to helping you change your life, one step at a time. You won’t regret it!

Courses & Events

The virtual studio is open regularly, for clients by appointment, and by regularly scheduled virtual meet ups. If one on one sessions aren’t your thing, you can take advantage of other client options including:


Workshops & Events

If you’re unsure and have no idea how you want to change your life, but you know that you do – Andrea offers courses to help you find the confidence you need to get to know your goals and set the path for your future.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Is life coaching right for me?

Yes! Most clients I have worked with are very eager to make changes in their lives, however they often feel stuck, unsure, or are confused about how to reach their goal or what to do in order to be successful in their lives.

Who can benefit from coaching?

Everyone. Coaching with a partner gives clients answers to tough questions and allows them to steer their life in the direction they want it to go in. Life coaching is becoming even more popular, so much so in fact, that many therapists and mental health professionals now use coaching in their practices as a way to help clients.

What is the difference between therapy and coaching?

Therapy, counseling, and mental health treatment plans involve working through mental health issues with a qualified mental health professional to promote and maintain wellness (and in some cases recovery).

Coaching involves working on creating action plans, manifesting goals, and establishing healthy lifestyle patterns without mental health treatment involved.

Mental health professionals also follow stricter licensing guidelines, whereas life coaches are not required to do so. However, many coaches follow similar ethical codes of conduct.

Sometimes these practices can overlap however, it’s really important to say that life coaching is not therapy and is not a substitute for the guidance of a licensed mental health professional.

Is coaching affordable?

Coaching should be affordable and accessible to everyone, therefore I offer two options for clients: Private one on one coaching, and group coaching with online course access. Let’s book a time to talk about which option is right for you.

What options do you offer for sessions?

I offer virtual sessions right now only. Phone, text, email, Facebook Messenger, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Whatsapp, and other messaging platforms are available. Whenever possible video chat of some type will be used however – certain clients may not desire to have themselves displayed on camera in one on one or group settings. That is their personal choice and will be respected.

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Take a chance on you.
If not now… when?

Sacred Hearth Coaching

Founded in 2020 by Andrea Welker, The Sacred Hearth, is a renowned life coaching and spiritual consulting practice based in Roanoke, Va.

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