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Do you wish there was a way to tell your story?

Do you want to preserve your knowledge for future generations but aren’t sure how?

Do you want your community to have a way to access your knowledge after you are gone?

Your journey. Your words. Your community.

Recently we have lost an amazing amount of elders in the spiritual community in a short period of time. It is a pain that we will feel for generations to come and I have to tell you… I am not okay with that.

So as I sat over coffee one morning I thought to myself… what can I do to help? How can I assist these various communities? And then it hit me…

I could help try to preserve that knowledge in a way that was accessible and available, and most of all… FREE.

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The Sacred Hearth

spiritual community preservation project

I have some ideas friends…

Within a spiritual community, where many of our traditions are oral, we cannot afford to lose the information and the lived experiences of our elder members and the knowledge they have to share. So for anyone who is interested, I will be starting a podcast where I interview community elders across various spiritual paths, for cultural preservation of knowledge and information.

If you’re a community elder and you’d like your words recorded for future generations, please contact me. I’d be happy to help you preserve what you can, because your words have power.

This is a FREE service for all spiritual communities, regardless of specific affiliation or belief system.



  • What is the process for recording episodes?

    We conduct an initial consultation to record your knowledge. We discuss what you’d like to share with the community, we discuss what questions you’d like me to ask you, and we will talk about what you are comfortable recording.

    We will talk about your legacy piece… the piece of information and knowledge you’d like to leave behind for future generations. This recording will be for YOU and your community.

    We schedule your recording time and date during this chat.

  • What do we talk about in our episode?

    Once your initial consultation is booked, we will then meet over Zoom to record the interview. This can be one interview or a series of interviews. We will discuss pre-planned questions that we reviewed in the prior consultation (and possibly email follow-up), in case you need time to prepare for your recording.

  • What happens after I record?

    Once your episode is complete and you are pleased with the final draft, I will then present it to you and provide you with the raw download, podcast link, and Youtube link, for sharing with your family members and friends. The same recording will be uploaded to various podcast hosting sites and to Youtube for cultural preservation purposes.

  • How Many Episodes Can I Record?

    You have lived a long and full life and you have an immense wealth of knowledge to share. You are welcome to record multiple episodes for future generations.

  • What if I’d like to change something? Or I leave something out?

    Once you are pleased with the raw episode, we can leave it as is for future generations and upload it to Youtube or to my podcast hosting site as an audio podcast where it will be distributed across major streaming platforms. If you feel like you left something out and have more questions you’d like to add, we can always record again, or share your story as a two part feature.

    Completed episodes should last anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour.

  • Can I Record Something for Private Family Viewing Only?

    Yes, that is something I’d be happy to provide for you. You can talk about your life, things you’d like people to know about you, things you’d like your family to know, etc. These will be private episodes and will NOT be aired to the general public, unless you’d like them aired. You will receive private episode links and downloads for your family and friends.

  • What is the cost for this service?

    There is no charge to bring your knowledge to the community. Your community needs your knowledge and wisdom and being able to pass that along to future generations and learn from you while we talk, being able to share it will be payment enough. Any revenue generated from the Cultural Preservation Project will go toward the creation of future episodes.

    Why is there no cost? Because I love our community elders. I am confident that our episodes will draw attention and captivate listeners in a way that may attract listeners and donations to fund the project for even more future generations.

    Each episode will have a link at the end, that invites listeners to donate to the preservation project to cover the expenses of producing the show.

  • What if I’m not an elder and I’d like to record an episode?

    Contact me and if there’s enough interest, we’ll create another show.

  • I am not an elder but I would like to donate to support the preservation project. How do I do that?

    You are a kind soul. The Community Preservation Project is always accepting donations from listeners and community members.

    Donations are accepted via this page, or through podcast episode links.


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Your journey. Your words. Your community.


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The spiritual community I represent…

If you are an elder within your spiritual community, please let me know what tribe, nation, vitsa, spiritual house, or which path you are affiliated with here.

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Only you can tell your story and the world needs your words now more than ever.