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Join me each week on my show The Sacred Hearth, as we discuss topics related to spirituality, health, wellness, and navigate life along the way.

We’ll swap stories and wisdom on a variety of topics, because coaching isn’t just about focusing on when we’re motivated.

It’s about how to get us motivated, even when we’re not.

Do you want to change your life? Do you feel stuck? Like you’re going nowhere? Then this show is for you.

Come sit by the fire, warm yourselves, learn my personal coping strategies and self-help tips to make it through the long night, and occasionally hear stories from others who’ve conquered their demons too, as you learn how to take control of your journey.

Life can be challenging. Figuring out which podcasts you listen to shouldn’t be.

This show has listeners throughout several countries, crosses demographics, and is a labor of love. I am absolutely proud of every episode produced.

Season One has wrapped up and Season Two premiered recently!


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See Andrea’s episode with Professional Astrologer Lilliana Blackstar here.

Join me this week as I sit down with Lilliana Blackstar, professional astrologer and owner of Hestia’s Muse.
We’ll discuss some basics of astrology, and how it can assist you with living a more fulfilling life, as well as how to pick a great practitioner!

About Our Guest

Meet Coach Patrice Simmons of PTalksSoul.

About Our Guest

Join me as I sit down with Coach Patrice Simmons a fellow life coach and owner of PTalksSoul, as we discuss her coaching philosophy when helping clients and get to know her methods, in case you’d like to be her client, too. She is a bright and up and coming coach, so I suggest you follow her! Are you new to coaching? Do you have trouble picking a good life coach? Do you wonder if we’re all the same? What is a niche? Well, come join me as I talk to life coach Patrice Simmons owner of PTalksSoul, as we answer these and other questions where Patrice specializes in her unique method of Soul Coaching.

Find out exactly what that means to Patrice, and how she’d like to help you live your best life through working with her. She’ll tell us about her story and why she’s the perfect life coach for you! This episode was a LIVE event recording and is now being released as a studio episode, on all major streaming platforms so if you’d like to find a really great coach, be sure to tune in and find out how you can work with her, too! How can Coach Patrice help you live your best life? Through Soul Coaching!

About Your Host

Andrea became a coach to help others reach their goals and live their dreams. Her varied background in spirituality, psychology, and complementary and alternative medicine as well as her own life experience gives her the ability to meet a wide variety of needs that clients may have. It’s an absolute pleasure to assist listeners with reaching their goals.

Andrea Welker is the owner and Master Certified Life Coach at Sacred Hearth Coaching, LLC host of the Sacred Hearth Podcast, and a best selling author. She is an accredited graduate of the International Institute of Coaching Studies, the Coach Training Academy of North America, and holds a degree in Ministry from Woolston-Steen Theological Seminary. She loves helping clients define their goals, refine their dreams, and manifest their future using the D.R.E.A.M. Method, a coaching style she pioneered and developed.

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